prestige senior photography

Congratulations, Bremen Senior High School Class of 2023!
We are excited to announce that we’re partnering with Prestige Photography to celebrate the achievements of this
year’s upcoming senior class. As our official partner, Prestige will design personalized sessions for our seniors and have
pictures and products available at a wide range of price points, like adding cap & gown to any session for $10.
Prestige will be coming to our school on June 20 – June 22, 2022, in the Bowen Auditorium. Watch for your mailings
from Prestige Photography. They are our senior photographer of choice
Schedule your senior portrait session on-line, at You will need your access code you receive in the
mail from Prestige. Receive $10 off any session fee by using DISCOUNT CODE 9ZKQ when you schedule your
professional senior picture session when Prestige is at the school in June.
ULTIMATE PHOTO SESSION: 24-28 poses; 7 to 9 backgrounds; up to 4 outfits: $40
DELUXE PHOTO SESSION: 16-20 poses; 4 to 6 backgrounds; up to 3 outfits: $30
STANDARD PHOTO SESSION: 8-10 poses; 2 to 3 backgrounds; up to 2 outfits: $20
BASIC PHOTO SESSION: 4-6 poses; 1 background; up to 2 outfits: $10
Remember, your pictures need to be photographed by Prestige to be included in the 2023 senior section of the
yearbook. For tips and ideas on how to best prepare for your session, or if you just want more information, please visit DON’T FORGET! Schedule as soon as you receive your access code.
Here’s to a great year ahead!

Bremen Senior High School Yearbook Clothing Requirements Bremen Senior High School
School dress code requirements apply. Yearbook Photo Choice Deadline
Nice blouse, sweater, or dress (Upper arms & shoulders must be covered) 11/29/2022
Collared shirt & tie (jacket preferred but optional)
No t-shirts with visible writing or logos, no hats, no sunglasses.