lion king

The Lions of Bremen won’t be sleeping on the evening of Fri., May 13th!  The 14th Annual Lion King Contest is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. in The Bowen Auditorium on Fri., May 13th, and it is sure to provide great entertainment for those who attend.


Tickets are $5.00 at the door, and all proceeds are given to a local non-profit group chosen by the contestants.  The ten young courageous lion contestants are all current Seniors @ BHS.


The Lion King Contest began in the Spring of 2007 to give the male members of the senior class at BHS an opportunity to showcase (show off) their “talent” for a worthy cause in the community.  It was modeled after the Junior Miss Pageant (now called the Distinguished Young Woman Scholarship Program); and, though no scholarships are awarded to the contestants of The Lion King Contest, the event tends to bring a lot of laughter and cheers from the single-night audience. 


Thus far, in thirteen years (the event did not occur with the BHS Class of 2018 and 2020), $31,988 has been given back to the community by the young lions, and the popularity of this event (which is becoming an expected tradition at BHS) has not wavered.  This year’s Senior class is a very social and close-knit group, and I’m sure that the members of the large Class of 2022 will be present to support these ten courageous classmates who are stepping out of their comfort zone for a good cause.  In addition, special entertainment will be provided that includes Senior Grace Meyer and several members of our faculty who typically step up with a performance/skit while the judges are deliberating.  That, alone, is worth coming to witness this historic event!


The five judges for the event are all BHS employees:

  1. Mischell Browning – Chemistry Teacher
  2. CJ Thornton – Industrial Technology Teacher
  3. Amber Reed – Business Teacher
  4. Andrew Rohde – Assistant Principal
  5. Jaclyn Stillwell – Administrative Assistant in the BHS Office


Proceeds from the Lion King Contest will be divided and donated to a specific local non-profit group selected by each young male lion as follows:

The Lion King Winner                         40%

1st Runner Up                                      20%

Poise & Appearance Winner              10%

Talent Winner                                     10%

Fitness Winner                                    10%

Academic Winner                                 5%

Spirit of Pride Rock Recipient             5%


Bremen’s reigning “Distinguished Young Woman,” Grace Meyer, and Mr. Brandt Ayoub (an English Teacher and Sponsor of the BHS Student Council) will serve as the “Co-Masters of the Ceremony” on May 13th.

Note the attached photos of the contestants!  

Bruce D. Jennings

BHS Principal



Contestant #1 – Evan Cook

BHS Drama/Musical Productions


Contestant #2 – Lextin Willis

BHS Swim Program


Contestant #3 – Carson Miller

BHS Basketball Program


Contestant #4 – Charles “Marty” Manges

Bremen Youth Football Program


Contestant #5 – James Wordleman

Bremen Boys & Girls Club


Contestant #6 – Shay Kyser

Bremen Dollars For Scholars


Contestant #7 – Dawson Hickman

BHS Basketball Program


Contestant #8 – Ethan Nunemaker

Bremen Youth Football Program


Contestant #9 – Caiden Newman

Bremen Youth Wrestling Program


Contestant #10 –Ty Feldman

Bremen Youth Soccer Program