Important Information on the 2021-22 Attendance Policy

We want your student to be at school learning! However, if your student is ill or showing signs of being ill, PLEASE keep them home, and give the office a call.

Communication with our office staff is essential for multiple reasons. To start, we want to know that your student is safe and accounted for. Additionally, we don’t want a lack of communication to cause an unnecessary reporting of absences to the Department of Child Services. Parents working with our school will help keep students on a successful path.

Elementary/Middle School Office: 574-546-3554

High School Office: 574-546-3511

Important Information on the 2021-22 Attendance Policy according to School Board Policy

Excused absences are defined as:

1. Illness/Appt. Verified by parent/guardian or physician

2. Required Court Attendance

3. Professional Appointments—we encourage you to schedule appointments during non-school hours (dental, medical, legal, counseling, etc.)

4. Death in the immediate family or of a relative

5. Observation of bona fide religious holidays

6. Maternity

7. Military connected family absences related to deployment/return

8. Superintendent approval/or permitted by law

9. Five (5) days per year for personally approved family activities verified by parent/guardian

Unexcused Absences are defined as:

1. An absence not listed above

2. An absence not excused within two (2) days

*If more than 10 Unexcused absences occur in a school year a mandatory report will be made to the Dept of Child Services or Marshall County Probation

Please contact the HS Office if you have any questions (574)-546-3511 or refer to the Student/Parent Handbook linked below.