Graduating Seniors & Parents,


As Seniors graduate from BHS and move on to bigger things, there are a few loose ends to wrap up before leaving.


One of those items is leftover money in their lunch accounts. There are three options as to what you can do that money:


1)    Receive a refund for the amount left in the account

2)    If you have a sibling(s), the money can be transferred into the sibling’s account (s).

3)    OR, you can give back to those in need. There are students attending Bremen Public Schools who cannot afford to pay for their lunch or have struggling parents who cannot afford to pay the negative accounts. In doing so, you would make it easier for a child to eat a more pleasing meal.


Please keep in mind with option 3, no matter the student’s financial status, each student is given a regular meal. We do NOT let students go hungry; however, it is more beneficial for all parties involved if they have the means to eat a healthier meal.


If you have a balance in your lunch account, please click on the link to fill out the link to the form below.

 Please return no later than May 21.


Best Wishes,

 Amy Stouder

Cafeteria Bookkeeper


  (574) 546-3554 ext:2023