November 13, 2020

Parents of Bremen High School students,

As we finish Term #1 and transition to the start of Term #2, we are making the following changes – only at Bremen High School (not the K-8 building):

· Term #2 at Bremen High School will begin on Thurs., Nov. 19th (instead of Tues., Nov. 17th), and instruction will be done remotely via Canvas for the first four days of the trimester – Nov. 19, 20, 23, & 24 – the four scheduled days prior to Thanksgiving vacation starting on Wed., Nov. 25th.

· HS students will have three days (Nov. 16-18) with no new Term #2 instruction with the assumption that Term #1 work has been completed.

· If Term #1 instruction has not been completed, students should communicate directly with teachers to determine if the work can still be done early next week.

· Bremen High School teachers will be in the high school building all next week (and Mon., Nov. 23rd and 24th); so, email can be used to communicate with teachers directly.

· On Thurs., Nov. 19th, all BHS students are expected to log on to Canvas to access their remote instruction for each of their Term #2 courses. This will be a “synchronous” (real-time, during the designated class period) remote learning experience consisting of direct interaction with each teacher, just as we are currently doing for some students.

· During the first three days of next week (Mon., Nov. 16th – Wed., Nov. 18th), no Bremen High School extra-curricular activities (no practices, rehearsals, performances, or contests) are permitted to occur! High School students should stay out of the building unless specific arrangements have been made with a specific teacher for one-to-one instruction to complete Term #1.

· Extra-curricular practices and contests can resume at Bremen High School when Term #2 remote learning starts on Thurs., Nov. 19th.

· After Thanksgiving vacation, on Mon., Nov. 30th, all students who are not quarantined are invited to return to in-person learning at Bremen High School.

· Please understand that these plans for Bremen High School do not impact the learning or extra-curricular participation of students in the K-8 building at Bremen Public Schools. These plans are only for Bremen High School!

· The thirty-four BHS students who ride the 7:00 a.m. bus from Bremen to the Elkhart Area Career Center for a morning class will continue that practice as scheduled.

· Also, please understand that it is important to continue to social distance and wear masks while in school and out-of-school. Students who have been contact-traced must stay home during their designated quarantine time.

These verbal instructions are also being sent via email and/or social media to all high school staff, students, and parents. Any questions can be directed to BHS Principal Bruce Jennings (, BHS Assistant Principal Andrew Rohde (, and/or BHS Athletic Director Troy Holmes (

Stay safe,

Bruce D. Jennings

Bremen High School Principal