2020-2021 Cafeteria Outlook


To Our Families of the Bremen Public School,

This year will look differently coming through the lunch line for your students and we would like you all to be aware of the changes taking place this school year. Considering the Covid-19 pandemic we have looked at ways to practice safe healthy measures for your children. Having to do this, we have created a no touch option and designed different seating options to comply with social distancing guidelines.

In the past we have offered many other food options and allowed the children to serve themselves. However, moving forward that will not be an option this year. The children will all receive only the choice listed on the day’s menu. The cooks will only be serving the food. We will have a few wrapped snacks for children 4th grade on up to purchase (if they choose) and they will tell the cashier what they want and the cashier will get it for them, as to prevent all hands in one basket or touching the same serving utensil.

Students will be asked to stand 3-6’ apart when possible and will sit in every other chair and must wear their mask until they sit down to eat and must put their mask on before leaving the cafeteria.

All money must be turned in during the morning hours. No money will be collected during the lunch hour at the registers. High Schoolers must turn lunch money into Mrs. Stouder at the window or turn in lunch money to Mrs. Ulch and she will get the money to Mrs. Stouder before lunch hour. Again, no lunch money will be collected at the cash registers.

It is our hope that while we create a healthy environment for your children to eat, that we can bring back some food choices and freedom to your children soon.  

Warmest Regards,

Amy Stouder Cafeteria Bookkeeper

Bremen Public Schools

(574)209-1576 ext:2023



                                                          This Institution is an equal opportunity provider.