Child at a desk in front of a computer. Words "Remote Learning"

This fall, we will be offering a remote learning option for our students.  While we are not quite ready to share the details of this option, however, it is important to know that remote learning will look different than it did this spring.  At this time, we can share the following prerequisites to students/parents selecting such an option:

  • Depending upon the grade level or course, students may be required to attend the class period virtually during the time and duration of the scheduled class period.
  • High school students will not be able to work jobs during the academic day.
  • Remote learning will encompass a complete academic rotation and will not be just the core academic classes.
  • Assurance that there is reliable and appropriate access (besides a cell phone) to the Internet at home or at the location where students spend their day.
  • Voluntary enrollment into remote learning programs will still follow the adopted school classes (180 days of learning, generally five days per week).
  • Consistent daily participation with assigned activities and lessons and enrolled classes (if assigned multiple instructors).
  • Acknowledgement that due dates for assignments will be followed and enforced.
  • Students will be assigned grades by the classroom teacher in alignment with the teacher’s classroom policy.
  • Student will be expected to participate in all state mandated tests (which will need to be done on-site at BPS) with appropriate accommodations (both health and academic).
  • Students will also be required to participate in district required formative assessments (NWEA).
  • To ensure academic integrity, BHS students may be required to take major course assessments on campus in a proctored environment.
  • Academic honesty and integrity will be the same as outlined in our student handbooks.
  • Students who fail to keep pace with remote learning instruction may be required to transition back into the traditional classroom environment.