Seniors & Parents of Seniors,

   The weather forecast for Sun., May 31st is perfect for an outdoor Commencement and subsequent celebration of the resilient BHS Class of 2020; however, getting the vehicles lined up prior to Commencement on Sun., May 31st with minimal chaos may be our biggest challenge for this unique event.  In that regard, here are some directives:

  • Plan to arrive on South Street via Bowen Avenue (between 1:15 – 1:30 p.m.) where BHS faculty members will meet you with window markers to write a large, visible, number (which was sent out via email) on the front and rear window of your vehicle (unless you have already done so). 
  • Faculty members along South and Marshall Streets will line up the vehicles, double-parked in the streets.  They will also provide Commencement Programs for the people in each vehicle.  Please understand that we must be able to get approximately 100 cars parked on South Street and Marshall Street (without using the school’s parking lot).
  • Vehicles with single digits can drive all the way around to the Superintendent’s Office on Grant Street where Vehicle #1 will get into the pole position (at the Crosswalk directly in front of Door #1 of BHS, facing west).
  • At approximately 1:35 p.m., the town’s church bells will ring, and the pre-recorded portion of the ceremony will begin on social media – Bremen Public Schools’ Facebook site.  The ceremony will also be broadcast via Max 98.3 FM radio (though Facebook Live and Max 98.3 may not be perfectly in-sync).  We’re hoping this pre-recorded portion of the program will keep everyone on their phones so that no one exits their vehicles while waiting in line for the live ceremony to begin.
  • The live ceremony will begin at 2:00 p.m. with the National Anthem (sung by the Senior in Car #90, an exception to the line-up rule). 
  • Each decorated vehicle, as it approaches the stage on Grant Street, must first stop at the Superintendent’s Office on Grant Street to allow Seniors to return and/or receive “stuff” (computer device & accessories, books, locker contents, & a huge envelope full of information).
  • Once the vehicle pulls up to the stage, the Senior (wearing an appropriately decorated graduation cap with the tassel hanging on the right side) needs to get out of the vehicle and prepare to go on stage when his/her name is announced by the Principal.  One or two family members from each vehicle (hopefully not the driver) may leave the vehicle to snap some photos/video during the diploma presentation with the Superintendent of Bremen Public Schools.
  • Please avoid using horns or noise makers so that each graduate’s name can be clearly heard via radio and livestream Facebook.
  • Seniors should ride in the front passenger seat of their decorated vehicle, and tell your extended family members & friends that fact so they know what side of the street to stand on during the celebratory Senior Cruise.  The Cruise will begin at the stoplight at Woodies and end at the large parking lot of Jane’s Park.
  • Please travel safely during the Senior Cruise (escorted by Bremen Fire/Police Depts.), and please maintain social distancing guidelines at Jane’s Park!
  • Have fun, create some positive memories, and realize that this day may be the last day that you will see many of your classmates as you disperse throughout the world.

Bruce Jennings

BHS Principal