Message to BHS Seniors:

   I trust all of you are physically and emotionally healthy, and you are completing your e-Learning assignments with consistency during this historic and challenging era.  Stay positive as you pursue your dreams!

   Commencement for The Class of 2020 is still scheduled to occur at 2:00 p.m. on Sun., May 31st; however, the ceremony will likely prove to be brief, unique, and memorable.  It will also occur off school property in compliance with Governor Holcomb’s expectation that all schools in Indiana remain closed through June 30th.  No spectators will be permitted on school property (including the parking lots and sidewalks) surrounding the school.

   During the next two weeks, you will hear more details to help you prepare for this event to celebrate The BHS Class of 2020; however, you need to know that…

  • Each graduate will have the opportunity to walk across a stage to receive their diploma.  The stage will be located in the center of Grant Street directly in front of the high school. 
  • No one will be allowed on school property on Sun., May 31st; however, your immediate family members can accompany you in a vehicle in which you will ride on the front-seat passenger side.
  • The vehicle that brings you to the stage on Grant Street can be decorated, AND we are permitting the members of The Class of 2020 to decorate your graduation caps (trusting that you will use good judgment).
  • Your decorated “Senior Cruise” vehicle should arrive at 1:30 p.m. beginning at the corner of Bowen Avenue and South Street.  At that location, BHS faculty members will give you a number to place on your vehicle and you will be directed to line up your car in a specific order in which you will receive your diploma – #1 Class President, #2 Valedictorian, #3 Salutatorian, #4-#11 remaining Top Ten Seniors, #12-#97 Alphabetically
  • At 1:35 p.m., while waiting in your vehicle for Commencement to begin, you and your family will be able to access an online YouTube link  to watch (a) pre-recorded music performances by classmates, and/or (b) the 15-minute Senior Class Video (shoutout to Bailey Vermillion).
  • Just before your vehicle gets to the stage, and it is parked directly in front of Central Office (Dr. White’s office), you will need to…
  1. Turn in your school-owned computer device and books (if you have not already done so during the previous week),
  2. Receive a bag full of your locker contents (if you have not already made arrangements to have your locker contents returned to you during the month of May), and
  3. Receive a large envelope that could contain an assortment of items, such as…
  • Several Commencement Programs (for you and your family members)
  • Senior Profile Magazine (thanks to the Student Publications class)
  • Academic/Athletic Letters, Chevrons, and/or Medallions
  • Scholarship Awards/Certificates
  • Instructions for acquiring a DVD of the ceremony in addition to your photo of receiving your diploma
  • At 2:00 p.m., as the members of The Class of 2020 wait patiently in their cars, the ceremony will begin.  It will be on Facebook Live and Max 98.3 radio (for parents & patrons to enjoy).  It will also be video-recorded to a DVD. 
  • Three students (Class President, Valedictorian, & Salutatorian) will give short speeches prior to receiving their diplomas.  The Top Ten Seniors will then acquire their diplomas and medallions followed by the remaining Seniors who will get their diplomas in alphabetical order, one-at-a-time as they walk across the stage.
  • Once each student walks across the stage, he/she will get back into the car and then be directed by law enforcement to park on Grant St. (along Bunge Field) or Bowen Ave. to prepare for a “Senior Cruise” through downtown Bremen.
  • Once the last graduate is awarded his/her diploma, Dr. White will direct all graduates (watching Facebook Live from their vehicle) to move their tassel from the right side to the left side and become official graduates.  The fire-truck escorted “Senior Cruise will then begin going from the west stoplight to the downtown stoplight and then past Sunnyside Park and back to Grant Street.

  This email is my first attempt at publicizing these plans, however, I am relying on the Senior Class Officers to help me share this information with our school/community via social media. 

   I will be meeting, again, with the Senior Class Officers (Lupita Torres, Chandler Miller, Lily Snyder, and Jasmine Gramm) at 10:00 a.m. on Mon., May 11th.  Send your questions/concerns to them and/or me, and you will get a response.

   Hopefully, Sun., May 31st is a beautiful day when many positive memories can be created!

Bruce Jennings

BHS Principal