General Questions

When Does the Board Meet?

The Bremen Public Schools Board of Trustees meets on a bi-weekly schedule. Regular meetings are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.

The Board, on occasion, meets in executive session. These meetings are closed to the public but must meet statutory requirements.

How Do I Know When the Board Meets?

Public notice of regular meetings needs to be given only once each year according to Indiana Code 5-21-2. However, Bremen Public Schools posts each of its meetings. Notice of the meetings are to be given at least forty-eight hours (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before the meeting. Bremen Public Schools posts its meetings seventy-two hours prior to the meeting to assure notice is received by the newspapers. However, the posting of meetings needs only be posted at the principal office of the public agency holding the meeting. Bremen Public Schools posts its meetings at each of the building principal’s office and at the Central Office. They are also posted on the corporation web site. The agenda is also posted outside the meeting location prior to the meeting.

How Do I Know What Is On the Agenda?

The agenda is posted in each of the school buildings principal’s office. It is also posted in the Central Office and on the Corporation web site. They are posted seventy-two hours (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before the meeting so the newspaper has an opportunity to advertise the meeting.

Just prior to the meeting, the agenda is posted outside the meeting location.

How is the Agenda Developed?

As per Board Policy 121, the Superintendent prepares agendas for all meetings of the Board. In so doing, the Superintendent consults with the Board President and appropriate members of the corporation staff.

Agenda items may be submitted by any Board member. Staff members, students and citizens of the corporation may suggest agenda items that will be included at the discretion of the Superintendent.

Do I have the Right to Speak at Open Meetings?

The Open Door Law does not guarantee the right to speak at public meetings. Although an individual has the right to attend and observe all public proceedings, there is no specific statutory authority that allows an individual to appear before and address the governing body.

The Bremen Public Schools Board allows public comment through three avenues. However the public can speak only on the items listed on the agenda. Items not on the agenda and perceived as a complaint must follow Board Policy 230.

The three avenues for public comment are:

  • Speaking to the Board at the Beginning of the Meeting.
  • The public may speak concerning an item on the agenda before the item is addressed by the Board. Any person wishing to address the Board will be given time at the beginning of the meeting and shall last no longer than three minutes. To be placed on the agenda for this purpose, the individual must contact the Superintendent’s Office at least seventy-two hours (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before the Board Meeting and request to be placed on the agenda. The Superintendent will ask for the purpose of the request to be sure it is appropriate and does not violate an individual’s right to privacy. The placement on the agenda is at the Superintendent’s discretion.
  • Speaking to the Board at the End of the Meeting.
    The last item on the Board Agenda is “Other Matters That Come Before the Board”. A citizen of the corporation may ask to address the board and may speak to the Board if the purpose centers upon an item addressed by the Board during that meeting and does not violate the right to privacy of an individual. The speaker is limited to three minutes.
  • Town Hall Meeting Recently the Board of Trustees has developed a “Town Hall Meeting” concept whereby citizens of the corporation and the Board may discuss topics relative to the school corporation in a relaxed atmosphere. The Board’s intent in this meeting is to receive information concerning listed topics that can enhance, improve, or compliment the corporation. A topic(s) will be posted and advertised like the agenda in a regular meeting. Any item which may relate to personnel which may violate the right to privacy act or is a complaint in nature are not to be presented nor discussed at this meeting

How Do I Register a Complaint?

Constructive criticism of the schools is welcomed by the Board when it is motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of the education program.

All complaints are to follow Board Policy 230. This may be found in the student handbook, at the administration office of each building, and in the Superintendent’s office