Our History


Title I is the oldest federal education program in existence today. The purpose of Title I service is to help students to succeed in the regular academic program; learn skill and knowledge appropriate for the grade level; and improve mastery of basic and more advanced skills.

Title I serves children at Bremen Public Schools in the following manner:
Targeted Assistance Programs are in schools where less than 50% of the children are receiving free and reduced lunches. In Targeted Assistance Program schools, Title I Instructional Aides work with students that were below average on the AIMS Web Assessment and are in need of instruction in the areas of reading and mathematics.

Title I Schools in Improvement
A school is identified for School Improvement after it has not made adequate yearly progress (AYP) for two consecutive years. This means that all parents with children enrolled in a school identified for school improvement can send their child to another school in the district that has not been identified for improvement for the 2009-2010 school year.  However, due to being the only school in the district this transfer procedure does not apply to Bremen.  Title I school must make AYP for two consecutive years to be removed from School Improvement status.

SES - Free Tutoring For Your Child
Students in a Title I school in improvement who choose not to transfer may be able to enroll in a free tutoring program, known as Supplemental Educational Services (SES). A student is eligible for SES tutoring if he/she receives free or reduced-price lunch and if he/she failed ISTEP+ (or other measure of academic success). Tutoring programs may be offered before or after the regular school day, on weekends, or in the summer. The purpose of this assistance is to ensure that students increase their academic achievement in reading and math by receiving additional tutoring and instruction. If there is not enough funding for every child requesting services, eligible students with the greatest academic need will receive first priority. If you have questions about whether or not your child is eligible for services, please call your child's principal.

Free Tutoring Procedures
How do I get supplemental educational services for my student?
Simply review the provider list below, then fill out the Provider Selection Form. When completed, return to your school office by October 8, 2010. After receiving your request for services, the district will submit the information to the provider of your choice and together they will handle creating learning and achievement goals for your child. If you would like help in deciding which provider best meets the needs of your child, please call Susana Gallegos 574-546-3554.