Virtual Snow Day January 16, 2017

November 9, 2016

The Bremen Public Schools applied for and received approval from the Indiana Department of Education to participate in the virtual option for inclement weather.  After board approval for planning, Bremen administration proposed to use only one day this school year as a virtual snow day.  That day will be on January 16, 2017.  The Board of Trustees of the Bremen Public Schools approved the administrative proposal on November 1, 2016.

January 16, 2017, is already marked as a snow make-up day on the school district calendar.  This day will now be used as a snow makeup day regardless of whether the corporation has yet to cancel school because of snow.  Rather than coming to school, however, the snow makeup day will be a school day spent outside of school, where students will complete work that would otherwise have been done at school on January 16.  The time for planning for the first snow make-up day will help the district anticipate problems and needs should it decide to add more virtual snow days, either scheduled or on the actual inclement weather cancellation days. 

Students will be considered in attendance if the work expectations for the school day are completed.  All teachers will post assignments online; however, not all assignments will require on-line access for completion.  Teachers will be available to students during scheduled times on the virtual snow day through email, telephone, or other means. Should problems arise because of a lack of Internet connectivity or other issues, all assignments will be given a reasonable amount of extended time for completion.  School staff will be at school and will be participating in professional growth activities while monitoring their students’ progress and being responsive to their needs. 

January 16,2017, will serve as the make-up day for the first day that school must be cancelled because of inclement weather, whether that day occurs before or after this specific date.  If school needs to be cancelled more than one day, additional make-up days will occur at school on the scheduled snow make-up days.  In the event that no cancellation days are needed, then the Bremen Public Schools will inform the public of subsequent calendar changes. 

Questions or concerns may be addressed by contacting Jill Hassel, Curriculum Director, at 574-546-6303, extension 4125 or [email protected].