Device Distribution Grades 5-12 Information and Dates.

June 1, 2017

Distribution Information:

What: Device Distribution for the school year 2017-2018

Who: Grades 5-12

When: Thursday, August 3, 2017; 12pm-7pm

               Friday, August 4, 2017; 9am-1pm

Where: Bremen Schools, Lion Den.


· New, 5th or 6th Grade students and parents will be watching the 1:1 video and will be signing the responsible use agreement (RUP). 

· If an RUP was not signed last year, you will not receive your device until one is turned in.

· You will not receive your device without a receipt (Digital or paper) showing you have paid for the insurance premium.

· A student who has not paid for previous damage will not receive their device until the damage is paid for in full.

· Does a parent need to be there?

· Only if:

· You are a new student or in grades 5th or 6th.

· Never turned in signed a RUP.

· Your parent needs to pay for insurance.

· I have a student in Grades 3 or 4. Can we pick up the device?

· No, but you can pay the insurance premium and sign the RUP.

· 3rd and 4th Grade students will receive their Chromebook in class. Their insurance must be paid and RUP turned in before receiving the device.

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